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E-commerce, Price Hikes A Concern For 2018
Dec 18, 2017

CHICAGO – Top 10 bedding producer Englander says an expanding customer base will help it stay on a growth track next year.

But there will be challenges in the industry, said Kevin Toman, Englanders long-time president.

“2018 will continue to be a challenge with e-commerce gaining market share, and a potential new round of raw material price increases,” he said. “That being said, 2018 should be another solid year of growth for Englander,as we continue to build our customer base.”

What will Englander do to boost its business next year?

“We will strengthen our successful national line of Tension Ease with the introduction of two additional Platinum Plus units,” Toman said. “Englander will take advantage of being the only second tier, Top 10 company to have 12 factories strategically positioned across the country to service our national programs.”